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About Us

What sets SOMA Sport & Physio apart  is our experience with sport specific injuries. How can our expertise help you return to your active lifestyle?  We utilize a goal based treatment system that helps our clients correct body biomechanics and reach a higher level of fitness.  Our team offers advanced physiotherapy, sports chiropractic and sports injury strength retraining all under one roof.

Our goal is to get the patient back on their feet as quickly as possible, which means combining the knowledge and expertise of various areas of sports medicine to create a specialized treatment plan for each patient. Our team-based patient management system helps the patient quickly achieve, restore, and maintain an optimal balance between their body’s fitness and wellness.

SOMA Sport & Physio will provide you with your very own Sports Medicine Team, including our Doctors of Physical Therapy, Sports Chiropractors, and Physical Therapy Aides with training as Certified Massage Therapists and Performance Enhance Specialists, to create a personalized treatment program to best suit your needs.

Knee and Hip Pain - running injuries

The Practice

Running Injuries


Common conditions we treat regularly:

  • Relief from chronic and acute pain (including fibromyalgia, migraines, back and joint pain)

  • Recovery and rejuvenation (post-op recovery, sports-related injuries)

  • Improved physical vitality and well-being (fatigue, depression, anxiety)

  • Stress reduction

Our team has extensive experience in managing and treating various forms of sports related injuries, chronic pain, injuries, and pre-operative and post-surgical conditions. We will help you manage your pain with a wide spectrum of treatment options specialized just for you. This interdisciplinary approach to sports medicine will help you rediscover your body’s full potential.



San Francisco, CA


M-Th | 8am - 7pm, Fridays | 8am - 5pm


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